About Us

In December 2004, with the continued development of the Internet around the world, we realized the importance of this tool in the corporate world. Web sites and web systems have become the main marketing tools of companies because compared to other media (radio, television, magazines, billboards), they are the ones that reach the largest number of people, and the investment made by the company is relatively low.

However, with the increaseddemand in internet sites construction and hosting, companies and unqualified professionals have emerged, developing low quality products and, thus, compromising the image of their customers.

In this context, QualyComp emerged, a company specialized in the development and hosting of internet sites. When QualyComp was founded, it adopted its work philosophy based on one word: QUALITY.

With the acquired success and experience we started to develop solutions in dimensioning hardware and software for web systems.

We work with national and international data centers, always bringing a range of possibilities to our customers, where we seek quality equipment at a fair price.